Africa Stable-Coin (ABCD)

for Trading, Spending & Holding.

A stable crypto version of the Nigerian Naira with all the benefits of a crypto-currency without the volatility. Built in collaboaration by...

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1. Use ABCD to mitigate against volatility when trading crypto-currencies. It is a far cheaper stablecoin to purchase and hold than USDT.

2. Instead of your inefficient bank, store your Naira in crypto form (ABCD) in your Trust Wallet and liquidate to fiat Naira as necessary.

3. Buy ABCD instantly with your Nigerian card on the Bit Sika app. Or depsoit your ABCD onto the Bit Sika app and withdraw to fiat Naira. All instant and seamless.

4. Use ABCD to make payments with multiple merchants, via the Bit Sika app and our partners.

5. Exchange ABCD for BUSD or BNB (and many other tokens) on Trust Wallet via the Binance DEX.

6. View video demo:

Built exclusively on the Binance Chain for speed, affordability and ultra-UX.

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Tokens are backed by an equivalent amount of Nigerian Nairas in a 1:1 ratio. Perfect for storing value and perfect for mitigating volatility when trading.


Store smaller amounts on the decentralized and perfectly secure Trust Wallet. Larger amounts go on unhackable hardware wallets like Ledger or Trezor.

Fast & Cheap

Running on the Binance Chain ensures that all transactions are confirmed within a second. And that all transfers cost about 1 cent.


Anyone can start using ABCD within minutes. All you need is a smart phone, tablet or laptop. Tokens can be stored on any wallet app that supports the Binance Chain. Trust Wallet is recommended.

Africa Focused

An unstoppable Naira to provide an alternative to unreliable bank downtimes, high fees, blackouts and confiscation. Being decentralized, other African countries can use the Naira anywhere for the first time.

Globally Inclined

With the token, anyone on earth can hold Naira (ABCD). This will attract more traders and investors into the Nigerian crypto economy, hence expanding it.